Metal laser cutting

GEMEC-UNION Plc. has a modern, hight productive AD laser cutting centre MITSUBISHI ML 3015 eX – 45CF-R. The preparation of technological documents for laser cutting machine is executed in CAD/CAM sw Lantek. This software allows to minimize cuttings and to optimalize the process of cutting in order to achieve the required outcome. The system supports data processing in DWG and DXF. For the clients who cannot provide the input data in native format, we offer to process the data in external CAD SolidWorkd software.

Wide sortiment of stock material allows us to reach and keep short delivery time.

Material in stock:

  • Structural steel 2-30 mm
  • Stainless steel 2-12 mm
  • stainless steel with chemical (chlorine) resistance 2-6 mm

Technical parameters

Parameter Figures
Extent of work 3000 x 150 0mm
Laser source: gaseous CO2 gaseous CO2
Laser source nominal output 4 500 W
Adjustment accuracy 0.1 mm / 1000 mm (axes  X and Y)
0.1 mm / 100 mm (Z axis)
Reproducible accuracy 0,01 mm (axes X and Y)
Material Nominal thickness of the cut material
Structural steel 25 mm
Stainless steel 12 mm
Alluminum alloy 12 mm

Divize SK Jívka

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